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x maybe baby? x

♥ name: Sasha Brichelle S.
♥ age: 17 almost 18
♥ favorite bands: an albatross, the dillinger escape plan, daughters, the blood brothers, circle takes the square, brihgt eyes, poison the well, zao, the postal service, norma jean, as i lay dying...
♥ favorite movies: donnie, darko, white oleander, 28 days later, evil dead trilogy
♥ what makes you a dork?: because i am wild, crazy, and wacky, and very RANDOM!
♥ how did you hear about this community?: typed in "rating communites" in lj search
♥ anything else you feel like sharing?: superman icecream rocks my world... all the pretty colors! HA!
♥ pictures:

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