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master dork.

♥ name: tyrra.
♥ age: 15.
♥ favorite bands:
+the blood brothers
+le tigre
+bright eyes
+pretty girls make graves
+ and more.
♥ favorite movies:
+pretty in pink
+now and then
+dazed and confused
+breakfast club, the
+goonie, the
♥ what makes you a dork?: i am completely the dumbass type. i make fun of myself and have a lot of fun no matter what. i'm almost always making an ass out of myself because that just the way i am. wild and crazy.... lets not exclude wacky.
♥ how did you hear about this community?: browsing.
♥ anything else you feel like sharing?: uh... i havent brushed my teeth yet this morning.. but its only 8:45.
♥ pictures:

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