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♥ name: Ross
♥ age: 15
♥ favorite bands: Fear Before The March Of Flames. Every Time I Die. Bright Eyes. The Good Life. Funeral For A Friend. The Cure. Death Cab For Cutie.
♥ favorite movies: American History X. Fight Club. Trainspotting.
♥ what makes you a dork?: um my friend just told me "cause you can do the stupidest things and still have that cute look on your face. no matter how much of a jackass you are people will still think you're cute"
♥ how did you hear about this community?: um i found it when i searched "dork" under interests.
♥ anything else you feel like sharing?: i am scottish born and lived there for 9 years. and im proud of it.
♥ pictures:
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