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WeNeW ♥

name: Ali

♥ age: 17

♥ favorite bands: Tool, Bush, Incubus, Led Zepplin, The Smashing Pumpkins, Everclear, A perfect circle, Death Cab For Cutie, Pearl Jam

♥ favorite movies: Blow, Dusk Till Dawn, Once upon a time in mexico, Pulp Fiction, Zoolander, Kill Bill Vol. 1

♥ what makes you a dork?: I am ALWAYS reading and I am kind of shy but when you get to know me I am very hyper

♥ how did you hear about this community?: I just found it.

♥ anything else you feel like sharing?: Ummm...I had a wonderful day today and I got a new Pearl Jam cd.

♥ pictures:

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i like picture 3. your hair looks like minee!
plus, kill bill is righteous.

except, i see you left the community.