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♥ name: Amandi
♥ age: 15
♥ favorite bands: 30 foot fall, sublime, everclear, phish, nine inch nails, ASL, pink floyd, zz top, led zeplin, symphony X, kottonmouth kings... i listen to all kinds of music but i prefer rock and metal type music.
♥ favorite movies:
umm, horror movies, stoner movies, funny movies... anything that won't make me cry.
♥ what makes you a dork?: i'm different from all my friends and everyone i know but no one ever understands me.. and i figured that's why you're all in this community too, to share your dorky-ness with others dorks such as yourselves.
♥ how did you hear about this community?: a friend.
♥ anything else you feel like sharing?:i'm the sanest insane person i know. (besides my lovely friend shannon)
♥ pictures: here's four.


me on the left.

me on the right.

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